Our jacket has two major influences, the French Chore Jackets and the American Soldiers Uniforms during the II World War. French chore jackets have been around since the late 1800s. They were worn daily with matching trousers. The most favoured colour was blue as this was generally worn by farmers, craftsman, auto workers and railway workers.

Secondly, the Herringbone Twill (HBT) uniform was issued for American soldiers during II World War. The HBTs, although initially meant for wear during fatigue duties, were very commonly used as combat clothing, especially in hot weather.

Our version is made of Japanese Herringbone Twill from Japan Blue and exhibits Verlan signature Grosgrain as shoulder straps on the inside that allow you to wear the jacket as a backpack, keeping your arms free. Jacket and Trouser are manufactured near Porto in Portugal by Texmin.