Originally an item of clothing for Army officers, the Trench Coat was developed before the First World War but adapted for use in the trenches. After the war, many veterans returning to civilian life kept the coats that became fashionable for both men and women.

Our Rain Coat exhibits Verlan signature Grosgrain on the back slit and Grosgrain as shoulder straps on the inside that allow you to wear the coat as a backpack, keeping your arms free. The waxed cotton fabric comes from Dundee (Scotland) - the town where herring fishermen first started treating sailcloth with fish oil in the 15th century to make it more durable and water-resistant - and the 150 years old mill of Halley Stevensons, the world's leading waxed cotton fabric innovators, manufacturers and suppliers of specialist weatherproofed canvas.

Manufactured near Porto in Portugal by Texmin.