Green corduroy cap

€80.00 EUR
  • Heavy 470g English cotton corduroy from Brisbane Moss 
  • Limited edition of 27 caps
  • Made in south of France by MTM HEADWEAR
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  • Free pick-up, during the day in our showroom
  • Parisian delivery by bicycle courier during the day 
  • Delivery France, Europe and world in 72h
  • Returns accepted for 28 days if the product is in perfect condition 
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    The best fabric

    The cap exhibits the verlan embroidery logo on the front and our signature grosgrain on the inside. The extra lightweight cotton fabric is made by Blue Japan ltd and looks like the old vintage military shirts. Fully lined.

    We care

    Our objective is to conceive the best sustainable garment and our tags exemplify it well. It starts with the fact that all our garments our produced in small batches and limited edition as a way to cut overproduction. Thus all our garments are numbered in the inside care label. We pay a lot of attention only collaborating with nearby atelier with a proven record of ethic and craftsmanship. Our goal is always to build long-lasting partnerships and felt that writing down the name of the person who finished our garment was a way of saying thank you. The date of production is production is also written on the label, a sort of date of birth that goes along two empty spaces: the first and second owners initials and date of respective ownership. Two important milestones in the life of the garments, a signs to show that our products are designed to stay with you for years before being given, or sold.

    Care guide

    Dry clean only
    Do not iron
    Do not tumble or bleach

    Every piece is unique

    The cap has been worn since the beginning of the 19th century by railwaymen and newspaper seller. Then, it became a widely spread symbol of the working class, part of various work uniforms. But it is only with the rise of the baseball in the 1930s that caps became a trendy and fashionable accessory.

    Working with the best partner

    Made in south of France by MTM headwear

    Have fun with your piece

    Our Orange Smart Mark is activation service that is provided on all garments label. It allows us to create a digital, authentic, secure and augmented representation of our products opening a new channel of interactions and services with you. The use of these NFT*-backed garments can reduce fashion wastes, improve product provenance, enhance operational efficiencies, and open up endless possibilities in the virtual arena.
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    Where to find us ?

    If you want to try anything or if you just want to talk, please feel free to visit our Parisian showroom located near le Marais by contacting us by phone + 33 6 74 57 56 62

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