HBT jacket


The HBT jacket is an unconstructed three buttons jacket. It is made from a heavy Japanese herringbone twill fabric, that was used by the American soldier during the Vietnam war. Made in Portugal, handmade as well as hand-numbered. 

  • Only 50 t-shirts in limited edition
Fit and details

Fit is small, we recommend you to take one size smaller your normal size. Model is 1m85 and wears size XL. 

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Fabric and Care

A heavy Japanese herringbone twill fabric, that was used by the American soldier during the Vietnam war. The fabric used may vary in color and pattern from item to item.

  • Dry Clean Only 
  • Donate or recycle

    Every piece is unique

    The herringbone suit jacket is inspired by the American soldiers' uniforms during world war II. More specifically, the herringbone twill (hbt) uniform was issued for American soldiers to be worn during fatigue duties. As the fabric was very confortable and resistant, it was then very commonly used as combat clothing, especially in hot weather.

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    Working with the best partner

    Texmin is a factory based in Portugal near Porto. It’s been more than 30 years they are partnering with top brands including levis, a-cold-wall or Maison Kitsuné. Texmin was the first factory we met when we were visiting Portugal for the first time and the only that trusted in our project. We are everyday in contact with Raquel, whose in charge of us for more than two years, and Francisco, the owner of Texmin. With Francisco, we share the want of keeping things small and qualitative, being obsessed by details. That’s why he keeps his number of employees below twenty, that he keeps investing in new machinery or new facilities as to offer top level working conditions to his employees. Being the best always has been the goal of Francisco and Texmin, and we are thankful to have them on our side.

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    Where to find us ?

    If you want to try anything or if you just want to talk, please feel free to visit our Parisian showroom located near le Marais by contacting us by phone + 33 6 74 57 56 62

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