Pack: Verlan x Kourtrajmé limited edition t-shirt + Kourtrajmé Book

  • Limited edition of 125 units, all hand-numbered
  • A famous french artist print on the back, Kourtrajmé branding on the chest and the back, verlan branding on the sleeve
  • Heavyweight 290g organic cotton
  • All the profits from the sales will be donated to the Kourtrajmé school - for more information about the project, here
  • Please note that we don't pre-wash our t-shirts, as it is one of the most harmful process for our mother earth.
  • We highly suggest to take one size up than your regular size
  • 236 pages Kourtrajmé hardcover book, 25 x 33 cm
  • editor : Maison CF, Paris
  • Release date : August 2020

The artist / the association

Kourtrajmé, slang for "court métrage" (short film) is a French non-profit organisation and artist collective working in audiovisual media. Created in 1994 by Kim Chapiron, Toumani Sangaré and Romain Gavras, today it brings together 135 active members and multiple areas of artistic practice.
The école Kourtrajmé was created by Ladj Ly in 2018. in 2020, it has been further developed by Ludivine Sagnier with the opening of the actor course and by JR with the opening art and image department. the latter, focusing on photography, is open to artists of all backgrounds and working in other forms of media, such as paintings, video, or drawings.

Have fun with your piece

Our Orange Smart Mark is activation service that is provided on all garments label. It allows us to create a digital, authentic, secure and augmented representation of our products opening a new channel of interactions and services with you. The use of these NFT*-backed garments can reduce fashion wastes, improve product provenance, enhance operational efficiencies, and open up endless possibilities in the virtual arena.
The relationship is permanent, secure, and anonymous thanks to blockchain** technology.

* A non-fungible token (NFT) is a record stored on a blockchain that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.
** Blockchain stores information in batches called blocks. These blocks are linked together in a sequential way to form a continuous line. A chain of blocks. A blockchain. Each block is like a page of a ledger or a record book. It’s a shared, distributed, and immutable ledger that records the history of transactions starting with transaction number one. It establishes trust, accountability, and transparency.

Working with the best partner

Texmin is a factory based in Portugal near Porto. It’s been more than 30 years they are partnering with top brands including levis, a-cold-wall or Maison Kitsuné. Texmin was the first factory we met when we were visiting Portugal for the first time and the only that trusted in our project. We are everyday in contact with Raquel, whose in charge of us for more than two years, and Francisco, the owner of Texmin. With Francisco, we share the want of keeping things small and qualitative, being obsessed by details. That’s why he keeps his number of employees below twenty, that he keeps investing in new machinery or new facilities as to offer top level working conditions to his employees. Being the best always has been the goal of Francisco and Texmin, and we are thankful to have them on our side.

They all talk about it

Where to find us ?

If you want to try anything or if you just want to talk, please feel free to visit our Parisian showroom located near le Marais by contacting us by phone + 33 6 74 57 56 62

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