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An initiative to promote art and its accessibility

We have been living in a strange world. artists struggled to show their art and in return, people had limited access to art. in those unique moments of uncertainty, of deep (self) questioning, we believe that some great responses might and must come from the art world. However, not from an « art world » that operates on itself but rather an art world that is accessible, inclusive and collective.

Verlan’s “art for all” program is an initiative aiming to promote art and its accessibility via a series of non-profit collaborations with international artists and collectives such as Marie Hazard (released the 6th may 2021), the Kourtrajmé school (released the 21th may 2021), Kendell Geers (release date to be announced) and Cinga Samson (release date to be announced) and many others.

For each project, Verlan provides the artist/collective with a white t-shirt acting as a blank canvas. From there, the artist / collective takes over creatively and selects a non-profit organisation to collaborate with. The t-shirt is then produced as a limited-edition item and sold exclusively through the Verlan e-shop. All generated profits are donated to the charity selected by the artist/collective.