The word "Verlan" is a slang french language that features the inversion of syllables. Its is an old french tradition that is now commonly adopted by all most frequently by the youth culture. We feel fashion is a language, Verlan, our brand, is thus the language of our generation.

We are a small studio based in paris, originally designing the best sustainable clothing for a community of naughty minds. We love to share our memories, the things we like and the people we admire, among others: Jean Prouvé and the PSG, Cy Twombly and Fonky Family, Wes and Pamela Anderson.

All friends, you’re welcome to join the family.


"Cool" brands were not sustainable* and sustainable brands were not "cool". It is with this feeling in mind that Verlan was born in early 2019. Creating Verlan was the mean to connect some of our greatest passions (fashion, design, entrepreneurship) and their associated values (quality, creativity, sustainability). Always learning, we still claim a certain form of amateurism where our approach resembles that of the craft, with the goal to propose garments that will remain with you for years.

On top of its lines, we launched the art for all program in early 2021 to promote art and its accessibility. We regularly collaborate with emerging and established artists/collectives, such as Kourtrajmé, Takeru Amano, Marie Hazard and soon So Youn Lee, Kendell Geers and Mohamed Bourouissa. For each collaboration, the artists picks a charity to which all generated profits are donated.

*Our definition of sustainability starts with choosing the best fabric (mostly from Japan and Italy, organic 90% of the time), collaborating with small ateliers near our office for production (in France and Portugal), proposing our garments at a fair price without unnecessary margins, offering our own fashion schedule (without following the classic fashion seasons) and limiting the number of produced garments to cut overproduction.

Located in Paris, Verlan is operated by founder Lucca Lamoine.

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