The word "Verlan" is a slang french language that features the inversion of syllables. Its is an old french tradition that is now commonly adopted by all most frequently by the youth culture. We feel fashion is a language, Verlan, our brand, is thus the language of our generation. We love to share our memories, the things we like and the people we admire, among others: Jean Prouvé and the PSG, Cy Twombly and Fonky Family, Wes and Pamela Anderson.

We partner with the best ateliers around the world to conceive limited-edition garments for a community of engaged creators towards a more responsible, original and human fashion. Always learning, we still claim a certain form of amateurism where our approach resembles that of the craft, with the goal to propose garments that will remain with you for years.

Rules of the game are simple: 

1. All our garments are available in limited editions and are hand-numbered. Less is more. We don’t have stock or very few. Most of our garments are available via pre-order, so we can better anticipate volumes and then cut the unsold pieces. Again, less is more. 

2. We don’t have any release calendar nor we oblige ourselves to respect the 2 to 4 seasons per year fashion calendar. We prefer think at our own pace, garment after garment. Each and every piece starts with a real client need (that means you), a profound want of creating (that means us) and is the consequence of months of research from the best suppliers and production ateliers. 

3. No sales. We conceive garments at a fair price. Without unnecessary margins. Nonetheless, we can sometimes offer delivery costs on the spur of the moment as after a goal of Marco Verratti or a winning game of Jo Wilfried Tsonga. In that case, we then inform you on Instagram or by email. 

Welcome in the family. 

Located in Paris, Verlan is operated by founder Lucca Lamoine.
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