Pierre Jeanneret - Easy Chair, CA 55

€12,500.00 EUR
  • PJ-SI-29-A
  • CA. 1955-1956
  • Teak and cane
  • 67.2 x 52.5 x 70CM (+/-)
  • Intended for secretariat and various administrative buildings


The cousins


Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret (his cousin) always worked together since 1923 in their architecture agency based in Paris. They worked together on a large number of buildings. In 1951, after the division between India and Pakistan, the Indian prime minister Neru appointed the cousins with the goal to build the capital of an avant-garde city located in the state of Punjab, Chandigarh.

A whole city

Between 1951 and 1965 they designed and built public housing, private houses, schools, hospitals, libraries, cultural and administrative buildings and shops, as well as the university of Punjab campus, including the auditorium: the Gandhi Bhawan, which is his best known work.

Local production

India was too poor at that time to build factories to make the furniture and buy machines: that’s the reason why all the Chandigarh furniture has been produced by hand, by very small workshops or individual craftsmen who were just following Jeanneret’s instructions as well as they could. All the furniture had to built locally, using the natural resources, wood and cane, which were easy to find and cheap.

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